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An American naval captain named Perry arrived in Japan in a fleet of ominous black ships almost 140 years ago asking for trade and friendly relations between Japan and America. This incident was called the Kurofuneraikoku.

Bakumatsu no Douran
This heralded the end of the Edo Bakufu - Bakumatsu no Douran. Many were against meeting with Perry's requests and were not willing to open up Japan to any foreign countries. Their unhappiness was evident when a province called Choushuuhan fired at the ships in an effort to chase them away. Unhappy with this independent action from Choushuuhan, the Edo Bakufu sent armies to Kyoto, the heart of Choushuuhan. A battle for control was fought. It cost thousands of Kyoto residents losing their homes and lives.

Shinsengumi vs Ishinshishi
The Choushuuhan subsequently joined other provinces opposed to the Edo Bakufu and formed the Meiji Ishin. To counter the Meiji Ishin, the Edo Bakufu formed the Shinsengumi - to police Kyoto. Bloody battles were fought between the Shinsengumi and Ishinshishi.

Hitokiri Battousai
One among the Ishinshishi, was a red haired swordsman. He was called "Hitokiri Battousai - The Sword Wielding Assassin" - for his legendary skill with the sword and the countless men he had killed. Hitokiri Battousai paved the way for the new Meiji era. When the Bakumatsu no Douran ended, he disappeared.

Rurouni Kenshin
The story begins in the eleventh year of the Meiji era and revolves around Hitokiri Battousai. He is now a wanderer or "rurouni" who calls himself, Himura Kenshin - Heart of Sword. He has made an oath never to kill again to atone for the countless lives he had taken and therefore carries a "sakaba" sword - a sword with its blade reversed. The series is about Kenshin and his friends; His battles with his enemies, his past and his own dual personality.




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