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Jaa! Mata ne!
Last Updated 21 Feb 2006


Battousai - looking so handsome!  Quite nicely done ...^_^x *giving myself a pat on my back* teehee...Coloured w Photoshop 6Misao - In her ever-so-kawaii cross-legged pose!  Coloured with MS Image Composer.Soujirou - one of my favourites!  Coloured with Photoshop 4.
Kaoru - coloured badly with Photoshop 4 but still looking quite gorgeous!Kaoru - Another failed attempt...but still not quite as beautiful as she ought to be...darn...Used MS Image Composer

B/W &
Kenshin, Kaoru, Misao & Aoshi done in Manga-styleSketched this from a manga cover.  It's my favourite "Misao pose"!I think this one of Soujirou looks better than the coloured version.
Kaoru kicking butt!I drew this one of Yumi after I practically teared over the manga scene in which she sacrificed herself for Shishio.  *sigh*Aaa - Kaoru, looking mellow and happy!
Misao - coloured completely with a mouse using MS Image ComposerKaoru - a very early piece done with colour pencils...looks awful.
Kenshin - another awful one - this is so embarassing...

(Thanks to all contributors!)


By Ashikada Nanashi, aka Kamiya Kaoru
Wow! 18 year old Ashikada Nanashi from USA can draw! My favourite is the forlorn-looking Kaoru tears running down her sweet face. Visit her art site here!

By Shahab Shahid
Here's a gorgeous looking Battousai wielding his sword and looking very cool indeed! By 16 year old Shahab from Tulsa.

By Bruno Kenji
Well done by a 15 year old Brazilian! Very artisitic brushstrokes! Saito looks especially menacing in this one!

By Marc Davies
Two great pics by 14 year old Marc, aka Battousai Tiger. Great work!

By Regine Skrydon
OOOHHH! This I like! Very bold and strong lines! Artsy! Go to Regine's site to see more!

By Victor Reis Matos
He's only 13, but this Brazilian has got the IT factor when it comes to art! GREAT work Victor!

By Blazinasian
VERY nice pencil work! I like the chibi-rk characters!

By Geijutsuka
What AWESOME artwork! Look at the detail & movement! Look at the superb play of light & darkness and on the hands! Let's hope Gei-chan sets up a website soon so we can see more!!!

By Serena & friends
WELL DONE! I especially like the one of Kaoru! It captures her "softness" so well! Great Kenshin grimace too! It looks so much like a cel!

Kewl! ^_^x
By Namie from Namie No Fushigi Yuugi
Here's a nice picture of Kenshin looking charming as always!

By xinyi from Xinyi's Homepage
I really like the cool, casual style her artwork exudes!

By Gidget
Looks almost like an original piece! Keep it up!


Last updated September 19, 2008
September 19, 2008